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COVID-19 UPDATE: Jury service is considered a legal obligation and is classed as an essential gathering under the most recent COVID-19 NSW restrictions.
If you are a juror on a current trial, please attend for jury service as normal unless you have been specifically advised contrary by a Jury Services staff member.

We have recently updated our system. It is important that you log in to this juror website and update your COVID-19 vaccination status and contact details (phone and email). This information will assist us as we may need to contact you to discuss your attendance. You can update your details by logging in to this website.

Measures are in place to protect public health and reduce risks associated with COVID-19. More information is available in the Factsheet 'Ensuring juror safety during COVID-19'

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on COVID-19 and jury service can be found here

If you would like further information on Jury Service, please click on this link or for any enquiries please email

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