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Security and Privacy

When attending for jury duty, do not disclose your personal details to an unknown person. If in doubt, ask the person for identification or advise the court officer or Sheriff's officer on duty.

The Sheriff is responsible for the welfare, care, supervision and protection of jurors, both during and after the trial in which they serve. A juror who has any concerns should report these concerns to the court officer or sheriff's officer who is your link to the trial judge. The court officer will ensure that both the judge and the sheriff are aware of any inappropriate behaviour.

Jurors must not be filmed, photographed or interviewed by the press or any other person. If you are approached for any of the above reasons you must report this to the court officer or sheriff's officer as soon as possible.

Improper contact, harassment or threats to or by jurors are not tolerated and any person involved in this behaviour may face criminal charges under the Jury Act 1977.

When using this web service, your juror number and date of birth are used to confirm your identity. Keep your juror number private to prevent unauthorised access to your details.

Information you provide to us will be used only for jury management purposes (including making payments to jurors).

Your information is stored securely.